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Organic Olive-Oil from Kythera Ionian Island
starti organic olive oil is a product renown for its purity, quality and taste which is produced by dry cultivation, certified free of any use of chemicals (pesticides or fertilizers). The oil is successfully extracted by crushing the fruit in low temperatures (cold pressed) in order to avoid the scorching of the olive oil which would mean its biochemical end and subsequent loss of nutritional value.
Astarti olive oil is produced and bottled under the care of the Tzortzopoulos family, on the sunny Mediterranean island of Kythera. The family’s olive trees grow in the northern region of Kythera. The olive groves, of the renown “Koroneiki” variety, are dry cultivated and have been incorporated into the organic farming programme in accordance with the E.C. 2092/91 regulation for organic farming and as such, cultivation and products are certified by “DIO” (Certification & Inspection Organisation of Organic Products).

Astarti was the name of the Goddess of love of ancient Phoenician times and later Kythera came to worship this Goddess as Astarti-Aphrodite. We chose the ancient symbol of the fruit of the olive tree taken from Linear B script to identify with astarti and both name and symbol are the official registered trademarks of our company and the Tzortzopoulos Estate.

n order to meet the increasing demand for a discerning consumer market seeking wholesome, natural food products free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, we have undertaken to produce and promote local Kytherian products (in addition to our astarti organic olive oil) which strictly meet these specific requirements.
Our products are ideal for businesses needing elegantly packaged quality brand goods such as retail gourmet shops, delicatessens, wine & liquor stores, tourist shops, hotels etc. We invite you to try our range of high quality goods of limited production which have already made astarti a success. Astarti organic olive oil is available in:

40 ml.(miniature), 250 ml (exclusive) & 750 ml (standard) bottles, 3 & 5 litre tins (family)
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Today, our Kytherian based company,
astarti, proudly presents DESPINA's products.

Home made marmalade from Kythera Ionian Island
DESPINA products includes a variety of homemade produce, as follows:
Olives with Herbs & Garlic (in 350gr jars).
Two (2) kinds of pickles (Tomato, Zucchini - in 350gr jars).
Thirteen (13) different kinds of marmalade (orange, mandarin,
grapefruit, bitter orange, orange & lemon, orange & grapefruit, lemon, fig, plum, damask, apricot, peach, nectarine - in 450gr jars).
All products are made of natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colours are used. All fruits and vegetables are grown in DESPINA's own gardens and fields. These products are ideal for gourmet shops, gift baskets and special occasions. Your customers will love them, as all our visitors here in Kythera do, and ask for them all the time.

DESPINA products have been created by an Australian and German born couple, Cherile and Dieter Wolf, who have been living on Kythera for almost two decades now. The name DESPINA is derived from the local church of Virgin Mary, also called DESPINA in the Greek Orthodox religion which is adjacent to their home.
The knowledge the couple has acquired in local farming practices and processes over the years has not been without trial and error. Exponents of organic farming for years, the couple continue to produce local homemade products for their discerning customers. Cherile has managed to combine her Australian methods and knowledge of pickling and preserving using the excellent fruits of the land to create homemade jams, marmalades, pickles and has succeeded in making DESPINA's products a household name throughout Kythera's widespread community.