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BLUE BELL S.A. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of deep frozen dough products in Greece. The company started its activities in 1980, being a pioneer in the field of deep frozen food products, as an importer of a large number of products, representing some of the most significant foreign brands in the Greek market (IGLO, Pere Dodu, Briochon, Ronsard). Since 1985 the company focused on the market of deep frozen dough products by producing and distributing a vast variety of products for both the final consumer and the professional customer. In the following years the company, working in a methodical and consistent way, managed to establish its product range in the market place and build the brand name of BLUE BELL in the mind of the consumer.

Today, BLUE BELL is a modern and successful enterprise that operates based on three fundamental principles that clearly represent the philosophy of its founders.
Emphasis in the production of consistently high quality products, in conditions of absolute safety and hygiene.
Implementation of an effective sales and distribution system that will serve client needs at any time and in the most efficient way.
Absolute respect and immediate adjustment towards the constantly changing consumer needs.

The successful implementation of those principles is realised through constant investment in up to date mechanical equipment, effectively organised production lines, strict quality standards in purchasing and production, profound market experience and flexibility in creating new products.
TUV Austria
The firm's total commitment and consistency in offering high quality products and services is being recognised by the market and the consumers, boosting its annual growth rate, and acknowledged through its certification EN-ISO 9001 & HACCP, that the company received by TUV AUSTRIA, a member of the international organisation TUV CERT.
Today BLUE BELL operates in three distinct market segments:

Postal Address:
Blue Bell S.A. , 8 Trapezountos St. , 14565, Agios Stefanos, Athens, Greece