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hios Mastic is collected in raw form and it is concentrated, standardized, packed and traded by the Chios' Gum Mastic Growers Association.The Association was created in 1938 to help commercialize the product and ensure the income of the growers.
The Association ensures the quality of the product by utilizing modern technology in process and packing, and by constantly increasing the production volumes encouraging new cultivations, thus helping to preserve the local Chios island environment and keep people in their homeland.The use of Chios Mastic both as pure natural product or as an ingredient, and its great variety of uses have helped many firms worldwide to expand their product range and offer to the industry and the consumer, products of unique characteristics ensuring the real benefit of the final user and all people involved.
The purchase agrements are formed with interested buyers around the Globe. If you are interested in our products use the Product link to view some of the products and the Contact link above for direct communication with the Export Department.