Greek Red Saffron
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THE COOPERATIVE DE SAFRAN, founded in 1971, the Cooperative of Saffron Producers of Kozani today numbers 2,000 members from 40 small villages of the Kozani Prefecture. The Cooperative is based in the town of Krokos, 3 miles south of Kozani. Federal Law 818/1971 grants the exclusive rights for the collection, distribution and packing of Greek Saffron to the Cooperative de Safran.

Annual production depends upon weather conditions and ranges from 6 to 12 tons of pure red saffron per year. It is exported in all European Union's countries, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Arabic countries, Australia and elsewhere.
In recent years the Cooperative moved to the following actions:
· Operates in the most modern locations.
· Has refreshed its internal structure including personnel.
· Completed an important number of projects in cooperation with Athens Agricultural University and the Aristoteleio University of Salonika.

· Became a member of the Paneuropean Union of Aromatic Plants 'EUROPAM'.
· Has obtained ISO 9002/1994.
· Has developed organic cultivation of the saffron.
· Has obtained the certification of 'Krokos Kozanis' as a Protected Designation of Origine (Appelation D' Origine).
· Works on the promotion of the cultivation of more aromatic plants except saffron.